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Corporate Accounts

Let plum gifts make your corporate image shine …

Corporate hampers are our specialty, and a growing part of our business.  This is one exception where business should definitelybe mixed with pleasure!

Although Plum Gifts boasts in excess of 150 different hampers, it is possible that you still can’t find that hamper which is ‘just right’.  Not a problem!  Many of our corporate hampers are custom designed. Plum Gifts can design gifts to suit your business’ theme, budget and clients.  We are also experts in sourcing those ‘exceptional’ items to make you stand out from the rest. We have arranged everything from gingerbread trains, to personal wine labels, to fortune cookies and printed golf balls.

Corporate Services – here are just a few services Plum Gifts can offer

  • ’employee of the month’ gifts
  • thank you gifts to customers
  • charity donations
  • promotional items
  • engraving, etching, embroidery, gold embossing
  • ribbon imprinting
  • corporate colour matching
  • stenciled wooden boxes

Plum Gifts understands the importance of presenting and promoting your business in the best light possible.  To do this, where multiple orders are required, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs, and to ensure that the end product puts a smile on your face, as well as the recipients of your hampers.

We can design hampers that are based on your corporate colours, as well as include any promotional material that you would like in the hampers.

Multiple orders – whether it is a single gift for your best employee or 1000 hampers for your valued clients. We can design multiple hampers and still make each recipient feel special.